Hilarious Video Pays Tribute to Dads at One Direction Concerts

by | PopCrush

It’s no secret that a bulk of One Direction‘s fan base is skewed towards the younger, female demographic. So when One Direction find themselves traveling from city to city on an arena concert tour, you get bet that there will be thousands of screaming fans waiting to get a glimpse of the guys on stage.

And where there are young girls out on their own, not far from them are concerned, disgruntled dads.

A viral video has hit the Internet which hilariously shows a look at some of these brave dads sacrificing their own time and personal tastes in the interest of making sure their daughters have an amazing happy night. So while they can rest easily knowing that their daughters are safe within their sights, it doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily enjoying themselves as well.

Check out the video above, which was created by YouTube user Jeremy Ying and features the song ‘Mad World’ by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules.

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