Hilary Duff Reveals She Wants to Collaborate With Harry Styles [VIDEOS]

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Hilary Duff has a not-so-secret dream: To collaborate with Harry Styles.

The ‘All About You’ singer confessed that she would love to duet with him on one of her new tracks, considering she is still looking for that perfect male vocal.

“Secretly, I really love Harry Styles,” Duff told MTV for her first choice for the duet, which fans believe to be ‘Night Like This.’ “But he’s really busy with One Direction. I know this. I’m like a secret 1D fan.”

Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag now — especially since she also revealed the same tidbit of information while down in Australia, once again confessing that the curly-haired cutie is her top pick.

And as for the song, Duff told MTV that the track embodies that “old-school Sheryl Crow vibe,” explaining that it’s about falling in love with a guy in a cab.

“It’s about being in New York and meeting someone, standing in the rain, trying to get a cab … sharing a cab with a guy and falling in love,” she explained.

But this wasn’t the only track that the singer (and ‘Younger’ actress) elaborated on. When asked to describe her single, ‘All About You,’ we heard something that we would have never expected to come out of her mouth — the F-bomb.

“I think I have to go with ‘super f—ing cool and awesome,'” Duff deadpanned. We have to agree!

Watch Hilary Duff talk wanting to collaborate with Harry Styles and more in the videos above and below.

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