Iggy Azalea’s Ex Claims Sex Tape Is Real

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Jefe Wine / Iggy Azalea
YouTube / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

A Houston-based rapper has come forward to confess that not only is he the one trying to sell a sex tape featuring him and Iggy Azalea, but that the tape is 100% real — and that statements from Azalea’s camp saying that she might have been underage are completely false.

The rapper, Jefe Wine, spoke to TMZ about the tape and admitted that he was in discussions to sell the tape to adult film distributor Vivid Entertainment. He also claims that he met Azalea after she turned 18 years old and that she consented to the video being shot.

Earlier this week, rumors of a sex tape spread through Hollywood when it was reported that Vivid Entertainment had seen and got a hold of an alleged sex tape featuring the Australian rapper. Azalea’s camp immediately shot the reports down but then later backtracked, and admitted that an existence of a tape might be a possibility — but that she never consented to it and that she was possibly underage in an effort to stymie the video sale.

Right now, Azalea and her team are in a difficult position, as the only way they can block the tape from ever being seen by the public is if Azalea admits that it is her on the tape, and that she will not give consent over the tape being released. On the other hand, if they claim that it’s not her, then the tape could conceivably be released since they would have no claim of ownership over it.

Azalea took to Twitter to continue to deny that it is her face and body in the video.

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