Jacob Latimore Drops New Video ‘Heartbreak Heard Around the World’ Feat. T-Pain

by | PopCrush

Jacob Latimore is sharing a bit of his heartache in his new video ‘Heartbreak Heard Around the World’ feat. T-Pain.

The 17-year-old sings about an old love he can’t get over in the brand-new vid, which was inspired by the 2008 science fiction movie ‘Jumper.’ In between dancing down the street and on top of buildings, Jacob is jumping around in time as he distantly watches a pretty girl we can assume is his lost love.

“Never gonna find another love like you,” he mournfully sings, “I had another lover but she just won’t do / And I can’t take it, so come back, girl / Swear to God if you don’t come back, girl / This will be the heartbreak heard around the world.”

If we’re basing boyfriend credentials on dance skills, then we’re not sure how Jacob lost this unknown girl. Boy can move! T-Pain even joins in on the fancy footwork, breaking it down on the song’s bridge before Jacob finishes out the song with a polished choreo aided by his backup dancers.

Watch Jacob pine over an old love in ‘Heartbreak Heard Around the World’ above!

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