Jennifer Lopez Asked Fox to Return to ‘American Idol,’ Not the Other Way Around

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Jennifer Lopez
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There have been rumors that producers planned for one diva (Jennifer Lopez) to oust another (Mariah Carey) on the ‘American Idol‘ judging panel mid-season in a desperate attempt to boost sagging ratings. However, the latest consensus is that it was J. Lo who contacted Fox, and not the other way around. That’s a pretty (J) lo(w) blow and an affront to Mimi, no?

Radar Online reports that Lopez’s manager Benny Medina reached out to the show to let producers know that the former judge from Seasons 10 and 11 was interested in a reprise of her former role. So, she pretty much wanted to ‘Dance Again’ — natch! — with ‘Idol.’

A source says that Lopez, 43, realized that she burnt out from the grind of global touring and travel, and wants to be grounded in L.A. with her 5-year-old twins, Max and Emme. A return to ‘Idol,’ which has its own intense schedule, would allow for that solidarity she seeks.

The insider pointed out that “the twins will enter kindergarten in the fall and stability is important for them – and J. Lo – at this time. She’s looking for possible schools for the kids in Los Angeles at the moment. Plus, if she’s living in L.A. full time, she will be able to focus on her film career and other ventures, including her fashion business.” Sounds like a win-win for La Lopez.

The plan to swap Mimi with J. Lo was reported last week, and then Carey supposedly threatened to sue.

However, a Radar source says that Lopez never suggested replacing Carey now. She was talking about a return for Season 13. saying, “If there was a ‘secret plot’ to replace Mariah, as has been suggested, then it was all Fox. J. Lo’s approach was about the future. Not the present. She’s talking about next season.”

Lopez will perform on the May 16 episode to debut her new single. That should be awkward. Maybe she and Mimi can talk about their twins. BTW, Carey’s tots, aka Dem Babies, turn 2 tomorrow, April 30.

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