Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm Spit Food in Each Other’s Faces in Skit [VIDEO]

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Jon Hamm / Jimmy Fallon

‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm stopped by ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon‘ Friday nightand during the appearance, the TV star and talk show host engaged in a skit that had them saying, well, a mouthful.

“We did a TV show together back in the ’80s,” Fallon jokingly said of Hamm. “It was called ‘Palisades Park Pet Patrol.'”

“We had to work,” Hamm quipped, defending himself to the audience.

After a cheesy parody of most ’80s TV show opening titles, we see Hamm and Fallon standing around as patrolmen, first eating saltine crackers. As they try to hold back their laughter, both of them start yelling and debating each other while still eating. Their methods of food gradually get more and more disgusting, as they move from crackers, to pretzels, to eventually yogurt and milkshakes.

Disgusting? Maybe. Hilarious? Absolutely.

Click on the videos below to watch the gut-busting skit. Oh, and we don’t recommend you do so while eating.

Jon Hamm & Jimmy Fallon in ‘Pet Patrol’ Skit- Part 1

Jon Hamm & Jimmy Fallon in ‘Pet Patrol’ Skit- Part 2

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