Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Ripa Face Off in Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Pop Quiz [VIDEO]

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Jimmy Fallon / Kelly Ripa

‘Live!’ co-host Kelly Ripa stopped by ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘ last night (July 9) and the two talk show hosts faced off in a hilarious battle of pop culture knowledge in a new segment titled ‘Pop Quiz.’

Ripa and Fallon each sat in hydraulic barbershop chairs while wearing pointy dunce hats. Above them were water balloons with four gallons of water each. ‘Tonight Show’ announcer Steve Higgins would ask each “contestant” a question from pop culture, such as, “What was the name of the housekeeper Alice’s boyfriend on ‘The Brady Bunch'” or “In ‘The Big Lebowski,’ what is the drink of choice for Jeff Bridges’ character, The Dude?”

If one person answered the question correctly, the other contestant would be elevated closer to the water balloon above his or her head. If that person got the question wrong, he or she would be moved closer to the balloon.

Watch Fallon and Ripa battle wits in the two videos below. Given how great this segment turned out, we hope to see more of ‘Pop Quiz’ in the future!

Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Ripa Play ‘Pop Quiz’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ – Part 1 

Jimmy Fallon and Kelly Ripa Play ‘Pop Quiz’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ – Part 2 

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