Justin Bieber Pelted with iPhones at MSG Show

by | PopCrush


Justin Bieber created a monster at the second of two shows at Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena, in NYC.

A Belieber tossed her iPhone on stage so the ‘Boyfriend’ singer took some photos of himself and the crowd with it. Innocent enough and to be expected, right? Come on, these are Beliebers we’re talking about. They all want a piece of the teen. Do you really think the rest of the Beliebers in the crowd were going to let only one of their peers have all the phone fun and enjoy the benefits of their hero actually touching her smartphone?

Other fans immediately started throwing their iPhones on stage, hoping for the same treatment.

“You’re not going to keep throwing cell phones up here and expect us to take pictures,” the Biebs said. He was not as annoyed as it sounds. “That’s not how it works. I’ll never do that again.”

He joked, “Get this cell phone off the stage. We’re going to have a bunch of iPhones. I’m going to take them home.”

The Biebs pretended to boot the phones that were landing on stage into the crowd, insisting he would not be touching them.

He must have instantly regretted using the phone to take photos.

Beliebers, we understand that the chance to have JB touch your phone and take photos with it is a once in a lifetime opp that you don’t want to miss out on. But iPhones are not exactly cheap. Why be so cavalier with your treatment of them?!

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