Watch Justin Bieber Participate in Steve-O’s Ridiculous Clown Prank [VIDEO]

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Before Justin Bieber, the king of the pranksters was none other than ‘Jackass’ star Steve-O — but now the two have teamed up to bring us one ridiculous clown pranking video. Check it out above!

The vid starts out with Steve-O dressing up as a clown — circus outfit, bright orange wig, red nose and all — wandering through the streets as he autographs women’s cleavage and people (presumably in on the joke) pelt him with basketballs. It all looks like a typical ‘Jackass’ prank until Steve-O arrives at a skatepark, and there we spot a shirtless, skateboarding JB, who of course gets in on the act.

Watching his pal attempt to ride a tricycle down the ramp, the Biebs laughs as Steve-O totally loses it, whacking his head on the ground. Ouch!

“He fell down,” Bieber sings. “What to do now?”

Well, clearly the answer is to help him up, which Bieber does with an outstretched arm, embracing the prankster as he finally gets back up.

In other Bieber news, he also made his debut on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ this week, teaming up with his choreographer to bring us the most badass dance crews we’ve seen. Check out the clip below!

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