Justin Bieber’s Floppy Hair Is Back in Action [PHOTO]

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Hello old bieber hair I got it back lol

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It may not be throwback Thursday just yet but Justin Bieber just gave us a serious 2010 vision.

The flashback in question has nothing to do with the pop star’s old school sweet demeanor or baby face — it’s all about the trademark Bieber mop he made famous when he first got his start in the industry.

The singer posted a selfie featuring his best side-gaze and a shock of long hair swept over his forehead. He added the caption “Hello old bieber hair I got it back lol.”

The length and style of the hair are definitely reminiscent of the look he rocked circa the release of “Somebody to Love,” but it’s also worth noting that a lot has changed since then. For one thing, the long bangs in question are a much lighter shade now. For another, the baby face pre-teens everyone fell in love with a few years back is gone now, replaced with one that boasts sharp bone structure and groomed eyebrows. Lastly, Justin’s arm is covered with tattoos now, which just might be the best indication of how much this singer has changed.

That’s not to say that the throwback-y style doesn’t look good. In fact, we’d have to say that Justin Bieber does a damn good job of pulling off the hair swoop. Do we think it works better now than it did back in 2009? Well, let’s just say we feel more comfortable praising a grown-up Bieber’s appearance (and those abs) now more than ever.

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