Justin Bieber Gets Target Tattoo in New Comedy Central Roast Teaser [VIDEO]

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If you loved Justin Bieber‘s first Comedy Central Roast teaser — you know, the one where he learns how “poor, defenseless houses feel” and gets egged — then you are going to be all about this one.

The newest clip features the Biebs leaning forward in a chair as a tattoo artist inks a giant ol’ target symbol on his back. (Of note: His 2012 hit “Boyfriend” plays in the background while this is happening and it’s magical.) Of course, since JB can’t exactly see what’s being tatted on his back, he innocently asks, “How does it look?” The tattoo artist’s response? “F—ing perfect.”

Considering Justin’s target tat is like having a permanent “kick me” sign on his back, we know that the comedians are not going to hold back during his roast, which will be hosted by Kevin Hart. And that’s exactly what the Biebs is hoping for.

“I think it’s just cool to be able to laugh at yourself,” he told Ellen DeGeneres of his decision to do the roast (it was his idea!) “I’ve done some things that may not be the greatest. I just want to be able to laugh about it and just own up to some of these things.”

“The Roast of Justin Bieber” will air on Comedy Central on March 30 at 10PM ET. Needless to say, we cannot freaking wait. Beliebers, will you be watching?

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