Justin Bieber Teases 11 Brand-New Songs [LISTEN]

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Justin Bieber took to Instagram last night to capture the sounds of some of his brand-new tracks, sharing a whopping 11 (!) audio clips with fans, with tunes ranging from seriously slow and sexy to club-like rhythms (including a tune that sounds like it’s with Chris Brown). While the Biebs maintains his signature smooth, falsetto vocals, he definitely kicks up the subject matter a notch, even crooning about confidently turning a girl on in bed on one track. We’re totally blushing!

Beliebers, check out the clips of JB’s new tunes below.

Captioning this vid ‘Cold waters,’ Justin breaks out the falsetto on the mellow track.

Justin keeps the melodic vibes going on a second smooth song.

Some evidence of Justin’s studio time with Chris Brown! This clip of the upbeat tune sounds like Breezy is belting out the chorus (“live in the moment”) while Justin hits the high notes over him.

The Biebs keeps those club vibes going, even bouncing his phone up and down to the beat of the track.

“And I know that I could turn you on,” Justin croons on this tune. “Gasping for air until the early morn.” Whoa! Gettin’ a little saucy in the studio there, Biebs.

It looks like Justin is bringing out all the stops on his smooth jams, although this one starts off on a more poignant note, as JB sings about wanting to try again with a girl after “all the things [she] put [him] through.” Hmmm…

Justin riffs like crazy on this next track, bringing it back kidrauhl-style by showing off his raw talent.

“But it hurts when he finally finds you,” JB sings on the mid-tempo song. “Still we hold on…”

“You bring out the best in me,” Justin croons against a bumpin’ background beat.

And this one has all of the makings of a breakup track, with Justin wondering how to end things with the subject of the tune. “I’m movin’ on,” he ultimately sings.

Backed by an acoustic guitar, the Biebs is gushing about one particular lady in the final clip he shared. “Your eyes change like seasons,” he sings sweetly. “Your eyes, they make me speechless.” Aw!

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