Justin Bieber Gets His Chest Licked in His ‘What Do You Mean?’ Video

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After an emotional performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Bieber has debuted the steamy music video for his new single, “What Do You Mean?”

So many things happen in this video — Justin looks confused, but he takes his shirt off anyway, and then model Xenia Deli (who Justin got pretty cozy with recently) licks his chest. John Leguizamo has a brief and mysterious cameo. There’s some awful neon lighting and blatant Calvin Klein product placement, but Justin’s undercut is displayed quite prominently throughout the video, rendering “What Do You Mean?” a true visual delight.

Eventually, a group of masked kidnappers take Justin and his sexy gal pal away in a car where they get to embrace romantically in the trunk, before they find themselves tied up in a warehouse. The two manage to escape by jumping from a window and falling on large, convenient inflatables. Justin is clearly in on all this (though to what end we can’t quite discern), judging by his earlier conversation with Leguizamo’s character, plus the fact that his and Xenia’s captors just hang out by the doorway, taking their sweet time to converge on the two until it’s too late.

The video’s release came shortly after Justin performed at the 2015 MTV VMAs as part of his glorious return to musicBy the end of his performance — which must have been strenuous, judging by his sudden wheezing and loss of breath — Justin was so overcome with vulnerability that he broke down and wept.

Watch the music video for “What Do You Mean?” above.

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