A Subtitle Writer Threw In The Towel During Kanye West’s Glastonbury Set

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There may be no language barrier between the United States and England, but somehow, Kanye West still managed to get lost in translation during a set at the United Kingdom’s Glastonbury festival.

West, whose performance at the festival had already seen its fair share of complications (*cough* stage-crashers), found additional trouble on Saturday (June 27) when a subtitle-writer for the BBC got lost in the mix of Kanye’s verses, and eventually threw in the towel while trying to caption the show for TV-viewers.

In an effort to censor profanity, the writer turned to the likes of “ligga,” “Motherducker” and “shut the lock up” while scoring West’s racy sentiments (you can see a sampling in the clip above). And as if that wasn’t hilarious enough, Twitter user @YouHadOneJ0B caught the scribe noting “Something, something, something…Oh God, when does this finish, Bev?!?” while @OX_Bex tweeted a photo that found a “He raps.” caption. Welp, we certainly can’t accuse the wordsmith of not being concise enough. We can only imagine what would have been done with Ludacris‘ “Go to Sleep.”

The 2015 Glastonbury festival wrapped up on Sunday (June 28) and also featured performances by Florence + the Machine, James Bay, Hozier and many more across multiple venues. West performed some of his career’s most defining hits like “Touch the Sky” and “Gold Digger,” but really brought the house down with a completely unexpected rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Watch the clip for some major LOL-ammo.

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