Kanye Debuts Yeezy Season 2 Clothes, the Internet Goes Wild With Memes About It

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Y E E Z Y #KanyeWest debuts a new song at #yeezyseason2. More on snapchat @songofstyle! #nyfw

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Kanye West debuted his Yeezy Season 2 collection at a New York Fashion Week today (September 16), to a star-studded crowd that included the Kardashian-Jenner sisters (save for Kylie Jenner, who walked in the show), Lorde, Anna Wintour, Seth Myers for some reason, Miguel, Tyga, Fabolous, Chromeo’s Dave 1 and his brother A-Trak, and Michael Strahan.

Though the event was a fairly last-minute addition to NYFW, it was a highly-anticipated show — not least because of the fact that as a fashion world figure, Kanye holds much more mass appeal than other presenting designers who aren’t also Grammy-winning rappers who may be running for president. Fashion can be abstruse and alienating, filled with impossibly lithe body types and obscure cultural references not immediately apparent to everyone. But in the case of Yeezy Season 2, lots of people seem to think they caught the references just fine.

Like that one candid witness who noticed the naked emperor wasn’t wearing new clothes at all, the critics of social media dismissed Kanye’s collection as, well, a pile of earth-tone rags. You can’t please everybody! But two good things came out of the spectacle (besides all of the celebrity sightings): Kanye teased a new song, and we got these memes.

Yeezy Season 2 as Walking Dead zombie chic:


Kanye’s previous collection looked straight outta The Matrix as well, to be fair:


A 12 Years A Slave reference feels a little dicey but sure, similar neutral fabrics:


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Kanye be like #yeezyseason2

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This just brings up memories of my mother saying, “You want me to pay HOW much for jeans with holes in them already!?”

Who will YOU be wearing to the cyborg-dominated apocalypse?

Sadly, none of Kanye’s models had glowing yellow eyes.

#Yeezyseason2 is terrible

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And perhaps our favorite: Jay Z’s unthrilled expression throughout the entire thing.

Crickets chirping #yeezyseason2

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The Stars Come Out For New York Fashion Week

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