Kelly Clarkson Interviews Herself, Performs a ‘Fresh Prince’ Rap-Off

by | PopCrush

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if a celebrity were to ask herself questions in the awkward style of a press tour interview, look no further than the above Kelly Clarkson video. Playing both journalist and celebrity, Kelly managed to both get some interesting answers out of herself and take part in a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme-song rap-off…against herself.

The interaction (can we even call it that?) is like a combination of everything you’re not supposed to do as an interviewer: Kelly interrupts her interviewee, tries to show off, makes things awkward and makes it about herself. It’s pretty entertaining.

Our favorite part of the video should probably be when both Kellys face off in a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap duel — both versions do a truly compelling job — but we’re particularly drawn to Kelly’s slight against entertainment journalists and celebrity interviewers. The faux-interview must be something like a catharsis for Kelly, and we strongly suggestthat  all celebrities attempt their own self-interview at some point in their careers. (Jason Derulo got to do one too.) Being forced to answer a whole bunch of repetitive questions during a promo tour has got to be exhausting and boring, so to be able to poke fun at the entire concept was probably a welcome respite from the monotony.

Check out the interview above to see Kelly interview, interrupt and sing to herself.

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