Kelly Clarkson Drops Two New Songs: ‘Take You High’ + ‘Let Your Tears Fall’

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Kelly Clarkson
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Kelly Clarkson is droppin’ new songs like there’s no tomorrow. Today she gifted us with a double whammy — two new tracks from her upcoming album Piece by Piece!

True to her album title, Kelly really is giving us each track “piece by piece.” We’ve already fallen in love with “Heartbeat Song,” “Invincible,” “Piece by Piece” and, most recently, the Tokio Hotel cover “Run Run Run” with John Legend (which is probably our fave, TBH). And now we have two new tunes to add to our playlists/daily obsessions: “Take You High” and “Let Your Tears Fall.”

“Take You High” starts off like a sweet ballad, with Kelly belting out the chorus: “When your angels fall out of the sky / I’ll be the wings that you make you fly / When you come down I’ll take you high / I’ll take you high…”

And that’s the exact moment that the beat drops and the song transforms into a full-on electric party, with super slick auto-tune ringing in our ears and just making us want to drop it to the floor. It’s straight-up Kelly Clarkson like you’ve never heard before! Listen to the full song here.

“Let Your Tears Fall,” which you can listen to here, boasts an insanely catchy chorus (“let your tears fall, let your, let your tears fall” will be stuck in your head in the best possible way) and Kelly, of course, sounds amazing. This one is a typical upbeat Kelly Clarkson track that features a powerful, steady drumbeat and showcases her powerhouse vocals.

Is it March 3 yet? Because we’re already hooked on every single track so far.

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