Kerli Dishes To ‘V Magazine’ On New Music, Return To Estonia

by | PopCrush

In a new interview with V Magazine, Estonian singer-songwriter Kerli dishes on her upcoming third studio album, the follow up to 2013’s totally underrated rave-pop opus (and technically EP) Utopia.

For the past few months, the “bubble-goth” pop princess, who previously lived in Los Angeles, has been holed up in a tiny magical cottage in the woods of her native Estonia, working day and night on her next record. While it’s been a while since fans have heard any solo material from the Ultra Music-signed artist, she has released exciting collaborations with electronic producers like tyDi and Seven Lions, as well as co-written tracks for other artists, including a 90s-tinged song called “Confetti” for Hilary Duff‘s Breath In. Breathe Out album.

But fret not, moonchildren (i.e. Kerli fans), ’cause new sounds are on the way! Kerli tells V that her album is “about half done,” and that ideally she would “like to have it all done by early Fall as it’s definitely something that needs to be listened to during one of those long and haunting nights that forces one to go deeper inward.”

The artist, who calls the new songs “by far the most meaningful work [she has] ever done,” also talks a little bit about the sound of the record, revealing:

Sound-wise, I’ve been trying to channel everything that I see and hear in the woods, all the magical creatures and simmer it in a sauce made of my favorite ingredients like electronic, ambient and industrial music. I feel completely fearless and unapologetic as a human being right now when it comes to living exactly how I want and I think it will really show in the art I’m working on as well, lyrically, musically, and visually.

A fusion of natural ambiance, enchanted forests, and electronic music? Sounds like a completely perfect fit for Kerli, and exactly what we’ve been hoping to hear!

In addition to dishing on the sound of the as-yet-untitled album, the artist also reveals the reason for leaving the “L.A. rat race” behind to return home. With nothing but her studio equipment and a few clothes, Kerli packed up her life in Los Angeles and made the pilgrimage to her native Estonia after sensing a “calling” to leave the industry behind:

I felt an extremely strong calling to retreat from society this Spring and move into a tiny cottage in the woods of my native Estonia so I could spend some time in absolute solitude and connect with the plants, animals, and the land that gave me life. I traveled with nothing but my studio and a minimal amount of clothes because I wanted to have nothing to distract me from the purity and authenticity both as an artist and as a human being. I was so tired of the noise. So I’ve been sitting here day and night, making this music, hiding from the cold and trying to completely strip myself from a need to impress, working on becoming a pure self-expression.

Your prayers have been answered, moonchildren—new music from your goddess is (hopefully) coming this autumn.

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