Kim Kardashian Lashes Out at Adrienne Bailon For Dissing Rob

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Kim Kardashian is not holding back when it comes to protecting her younger brother, Rob.

The reality star had some choice words (well, tweets) for Adrienne Bailon, the former 3LW singer, ‘Cheetah Girls’ star and ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, who recently spoke out about the Kardashian family and the demise of her relationship with Rob to Latina magazine.

In the magazine, Bailon was candid about her experience on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ which occurred during her relationship with Rob from 2007-2009.

“To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and to my career.  I probably realized that too late — not that it would’ve affected my decisions in terms of who I dated, but it would’ve affected my decision to appear on the show,” she explained. “At the time, I didn’t think anyone would even care. To this day, people will still say, ‘You ruined Rob’s life!’ and I’ll think, ‘Damn, I was still playing with Barbie dolls when I met him.’”

And speaking of her relationship with Rob, she still had a few words to stay on that matter:

“It’s common knowledge that he cheated on me, and it always bothered me that people were like, ‘Pero, why couldn’t you forgive him?’ Why are women always the ones who have to forgive?” she questioned. “… He strategically planned things out so that he could cheat on me, and that to me was so disloyal.”

After hearing of Bailon’s comments (including how being “stuck with the Kardashian label” was hurtful to her career and how Rob cheated on her), Kardashian got pretty defensive on Twitter, writing:

Now, however, Bailon has been in a happy relationship with Def Jam executive Lenny Santiago for five years — though we guess the fact that Baillon still brought up her time with Rob was what prompted his big sister Kim to go all ‘Frozen’ on Twitter.

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