This DJ’s First Day on the Job Was an Adorable Dream Come True

by | PopCrush

As a wise woman once sang, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

And for Kylie Queen, that moment came late last month in the form of her very first day as a morning radio host.

The perky new radio personality decided to document her journey, from waking up super early (4:19 AM to be exact — oof!) to driving to the studio to hopping onto the microphone live for the first time, as she settled into her new gig as a co-host on The Q Morning Show — her dream job.

While commuting to work, she took the time to reflect on her journey: “Growing up, I listened to The Q Morning Show all the time…being able to go into work knowing that my co-workers are Jeff and Lori, two people that I grew up listening to and laughing to and trying frantically to win tickets and CDs from? It’s so surreal,” she happily gushed.

And so how did the show go? Well, she didn’t even make it past the pre-taped intro, which featured a brand new clip introducing Kylie as a co-host with soundbyte of herself, before getting a little misty. Tears of joy upon going into work, even after waking up at the crack of dawn? If only we could all be such morning people!

“I grew up listening to The Q, frantically dialing in to win CDs and concert tickets, laughing with Meredith, Jeff, and Lori, and singing along to the music. I can’t believe this is my job,” she excitedly wrote upon posting the footage of her first day.

Check out the adorable footage of Kylie’s dream coming true on Q 97.9 up top.

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