Kylie Jenner Moons Us in S&M Gear, Spills Lady Gaga’s Advice in ‘Interview’

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Steven Klein, Interview
Steven Klein, Interview

Kylie Jenner recently sat down with Interview magazine for a new cover feature, accompanied by a racy photo shoot with fashion photographer Steven Klein. She eats ice cream. She hangs out in a wheelchair. Several of the pictures depict Kylie as many see her: A dead-eyed fashion bot, designed to bare everything she’s got (including her butt) for the camera.

But the interview aims to prove there’s more to the reality star, whose lip kit launched yesterday (November 30) and sold out within minutes after the online store crashed from too many users. Kylie shows her layers in the chat, alternately coming off as a vapid socialite, a girl who’s seemingly sad about her status as online bully target and ultimately, a product of her environment who dreams of escape. Check out the gallery below, as well as some illuminating (and occasionally sad) quotes from the social media queen.

She claims to prefer sunsets to material things.
Like, it’s cool if I can buy myself a new car, and I think it’s amazing for a week, but then the thrill is over, and I’m like, ‘Oh, so I guess that wasn’t really happiness,'” she says. “I’ve realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it’s my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset. So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always.”

She mourns her lost youth even though she’s only 18.
I’m just trying to not lose myself through this process, because I feel like I’ve already lost parts of me, like, my youth.” When asked if she feels like she’s missed out, she says “I do. I feel like I’m going to look back and be like, ‘Damn, I wish I could’ve just been a kid and done normal teenage stuff that my friends get to do.’ But it also is a blessing, and I’ve done so many things that most 35-year-old women still haven’t done.”

Like so many of us, she’s “obsessed” with Lady Gaga.
“I saw her at the Alexander Wang fashion show after-party, and I think she’s the nicest person ever. She came up to me and was like, “I think you’re so amazing, and whatever you’re doing, people are just obsessed with it,” and she basically told me to not change. And I feel like that really helped me, because there’s a reason why I have so many followers and why people pay so much attention to me. So I just try not to change and stay authentic.”

She says she’s been bullied for half of her life, both online and in person.
“We were all young, and I always felt like people weren’t friends with me for the right reasons, and they would be like, ‘You know everyone is just friends with you because you’re famous,’ or just weird stuff. I had a lot of friend issues throughout the years. That took a toll, and now I have two really great best friends that are the only people I hang out with. I keep a close circle.”

The Kylie you see on her app isn’t the “real Kylie” — in fact, she doesn’t even like makeup very much.
When asked what she’d do if she didn’t have to be Kylie the Brand, she say, “I would probably just never dress up. I would never wear makeup, because I honestly hate wearing makeup. Lately, I’ve just been so over it. I feel like I’m way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time. It’s just bad for your skin, but I’m always doing photo shoots or red carpets and events, so I just obviously want to look good.”

She essentially greets every morning like a waking nightmare, and it’s probably your fault.
I wake up every morning with the worst anxiety[…] I have, like, a problem. [laughs] I wake up every morning at, like, seven or eight because I think that there’s a bad story about me, and I have to check. My worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the internet.”

And finally, the question that suggests that Kylie should pack a suitcase full of cash and go find some eat-pray-love type bliss ASAP: “What is your happiest memory?”

“Probably the moments when I laughed really hard. I feel like, as I get older, I don’t laugh really hard, to the point where you cry. You just don’t find things as funny.”

Find the entire interview in the link below the gallery.

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