Lady Gaga Has Technicolor Tea Party, Wears Eyebrow Jewelry In Shiseido Ad

by | PopCrush

Lady Gaga has sprouted machine guns from her breasts, rooted stalagmites in her head and slaughtered a pond’s worth of Kermits to create a flattering evening dress—but to hang window blinds from her eyelids? Well, that’s a new fashion frontier.

In a new advertisement for skincare, makeup and fragrance line Shiseido, Gaga (who’s a finalist for PopCrush’s Beach Babe of 2015 competition) puts her best couture-foot forward, and what begins with a seemingly natural look quickly unfolds into something other-worldly.

“Everyone shines in their own unique way,” Mother Monster says as she enjoys tea and touches up her lipstick while sporting a pair of kaleidoscope sunglasses and a velveteen headdress. Soon, after a last bit of primping, she’s ready to hit the town, but about halfway through her taxi ride, she decides to ditch her glam look for a more avant garde number that’s equal parts biker and fashion-forward milkman. Oh, and her eyebrows are outfitted with miniature custom window blinds. A bit obscuring? Sure, but as long as her ophthalmologist has given her the green light, we’re in support.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what makes you beautiful,” the Cheek to Cheek singer insists as she finally arrives to the night’s big party, and greets a handful of her real-life friends. “Be yourself: that’s what makes you beautiful. Hear that, One Direction?

Check out Gaga’s latest foray into daring fashion, and tell us what you think of the ad!

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