Lana Del Rey Performs Three ‘Honeymoon’ Songs on BBC Radio 1, Already Writing New Music

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Lana Del Rey isn’t exactly known for particularly aggressive promotional campaigns. She’d much rather slap a billboard up somewhere in LA or Brooklyn or reveal a release date to fans and let word-of-mouth do the rest, which is why every appearance she does do feels like an especially rare treat.

Three years after first appearing on the show, the Honeymoon crooner returned to Huw Stephens’ show on BBC Radio 1 yesterday (September 22) to perform three songs from her new record — and dish on writing new music. (Yes, already.)

Backed by her talented band, Lana delivered three gorgeous live renditions, including “High By The Beach,” “Honeymoon” and “Terrence Loves You.”

“This one really speaks to me,” she said before launching into “Terrence Loves You.” “I love singing it. The vibe of it kind of encompasses the sound that I thought the whole record was gonna take. Kind of jazzy and noir, but still thoughtful.”

The singer talked in-depth about making the record, including working with Rick Nowels in California, reading album reviews and the meaning behind the album’s title.

“I love the word ‘Honeymoon’, and I just — I guess I just love the idea of hoping that everything’s going to turn out really beautifully,” she laughs. “It’s probably the most romantic word that there is.”

And guess what? She’s already starting writing new music.

“The mixing takes so long — it’s like a 5 month process to get that plush sound and have everything EQ’ed up. That’s when I’m not thinking about anything but the mechanical side of things. I started writing a few months ago. I don’t know…the good thing about having different labels that let me have so much freedom and creativity to do what I want is that I can put out a record every 15 months if I want to, which maybe a lot of artists might not do because they’re busy doing other stuff that might not be music.”

Based on your 15 month estimation, we’ll be waiting for that new album in about…December 2016, Lana.

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