Lykke Li ‘Never Gonna Love Again’ Video Is Beautifully Tragic

by | PopCrush

Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li is known for her haunting sound, and the poignant video for “Never Gonna Love Again” is the perfect showcase for it.

The video features the melancholy singer looking out the window of a rain-splattered car as she rides in the backseat. The music video is all about shadows — Lykke Li is awash in them herself — which only adds to the darkness of the song.

“Loneliness and heartbreak follow you everywhere and they are loudest right after the lights go out and the crowds quiet,” the singer told Rolling Stone about the inspiration behind the video. “Here’s an intimate glimpse of how it can be to live your dream whilst stuck in your dream. In the lonely wolf hour, the night becomes your stage, the stars your audience, the rain your memories.”

The most intense part of the music video is when, out of nowhere, the car crashes in slow motion and shards of glass, mixed with rain, fly everywhere. It’s completely unexpected, definitely startling and just makes the music video what it is.

Trust us: This is one you’re gonna have on repeat after a bad breakup, spoon-deep in the Ben & Jerry’s while simultaneously crying your eyes out while you belt the chorus of the song, which appeared on Li’s 2014 album I Never Learn.

Watch Lykke Li’s “Never Gonna Love Again” music video above.

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