Mark Ballas, ‘Miss Incredible’ [SONG PREMIERE]

by | PopCrush

Ladies, it’s time to turn up the volume on our official premiere of Mark Ballas’ ‘Miss Incredible’!

The insanely talented dancer and ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ choreographer brings the empowerment (and the falsetto!) on his sizzling new tune, which just makes you want to shake it — confidently.

“I wanted to write a song that all females could relate to. A song that made them wanna move, smile… A song that made them feel sexy and, most importantly, confident,” Ballas tells PopCrush about ‘Miss Incredible.’ “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your race, your shape or size, whether you’re rich or poor… This song was created to make YOU and all women feel incredible.”

We’re not only all about the song’s powerful message, but we’re loving the track’s fast-paced beat, which was totally made to make you want to move. Check out the exclusive premiere of Mark Ballas’ ‘Miss Incredible’ above.

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