Matt Nathanson Shares His Top Songs for Your Headphones Playlist [EXCLUSIVE]

Matt Nathanson
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson knows the power of listening to music on your headphones all too well.

In his latest single, ‘Headphones’ (featuring LOLO), Matt writes about getting lost in your own world when you have a wonderful song playing on your headphones, and everything around you seemingly disappears.

Matt sings in the chorus of his feel good song, “Everybody wants to be with me / I got all I need / I feel invincible / My headphones on.”

In an interview with USA Today, Matt talked about the inspiration for ‘Headphones.’ “When I started writing the song, I attached it to this character and this idea of, when we’re full of dread and the world is heavy and too much, you put your headphones on and music saves your life,” he said.

Matt assembled a list of songs he prefers listening to on his headphones, and we have it for you here exclusively, via our Beats Music account.

So grab your mobile device, plug in those headphones, and get lost in Matt Nathanson’s favorite songs to listen to in the privacy of your own company, which you can hear right here.

Matt Nathanson’s Playlist:

1. Public Enemy, ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’
2. Sia, ‘Chandelier’
3. Laura Marling, ‘Master Hunter’
4. Phosphorescent, ‘Song for Zula’
5. The Rolling Stones, ‘Honky Tonk Women’
6. Sleater-Kinney, ‘One More Hour’
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ‘Maps’
8. Peace, ‘Lovesick’
9. Kanye West, ‘Monster’ (feat. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross)
10. Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, ‘Ain’t Waitin’ on Tomorrow’
11. Sylvan Esso, ‘Coffee’
12. Martin Sexton, ‘Glory Bound’
13. New York Dolls, ‘Trash’
14. Royal Blood, ‘Out of the Black’
15. System of a Down, ‘Chop Suey!’

Listen to Matt Nathanson’s ‘Headphones’

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