Meghan Trainor Plays ‘F—, Marry, Kill’ with One Direction

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Meghan Trainor One Direction
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Meghan Trainor was recently posed with the type of difficult situation we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy: she was asked to play ‘F—, Marry, Kill’ with Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Talk about an impossible decision.

Of course, Meghan played the more PG version of the game, called ‘Lips, Wife, Leave It,’ but it’s a hard choice to make no matter what the game is called. And in a move totally unprecedented and unpredictable, she somehow chose to leave Harry. That’s right — arguably the most easily recognizable member, the one with the cheshire cat smile (ahem), who people claim is so charming he’s nearly inhuman — the ineffable Harry Styles is getting left curbside by one Meghan Trainor. We’re going to go ahead and assume it’s too awkward to assign any another category to Harry because of her working relationship with him, but all the same — color us shocked.

Meghan goes on to choose Niall — once she’s reminded of which member he is — as her life-partner, saying, “Niall, that’s the blond one? The sweet one? I’ll wife-y him. Because he was just a gentlemen, just the nicest guy ever. I’ll marry him, he’s great.” Niall is totally cool and has a propensity for every type of food that isn’t vegemite, so we can get behind that decision.

One thing we can agree with? Zayn is her choice when it comes to having a full on makeout session with, and, like, if Perrie weren’t in the picture we would be totally down, too. Those eyelashes? That hair? His varying wardrobe? Good taste, Meghan.

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