Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour Documentary Promises to Be ‘Intense and Wild,’ ‘Flawless and Passionate’

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Smilers, get ready to see Miley Cyrus up-close and personal like never before.

Admittedly, we’ve gotten some pretty, um, intimate glances at Miley throughout her Bangerz Tour, but her new tour documentary (airing this weekend — July 6, 9 PM ET on NBC) promises to let fans see Miley on an even more personal level.

“We see Miley as she is in her private life; very sweet, tender, loving and playful,” Bangerz Tour creative director Diane Martel told Billboard about the tour doc. “Miley speaks about her personal growth to date during this tour. We get a sense of the smart and thoughtful artist she is. … It’s very low-key and intimate.”

“She’s sophisticated in many ways and a young, silly girl in others… When you watch these brief, but effective scenes you see how relatable she really is,” Martel continued. “She really balances being an artist with being a 21-year-old quite well.”

But of course, the special doesn’t just focus on her personal life — it also gives us a more in-depth look at her performances, which Martel praises as “flawless and passionate.”

“Miley is a very serious musician. If this is something someone doesn’t know, they will certainly know it after seeing this special,” she insists. “She’s charming, daring, loving and she gives deeply and profoundly from a very old soul. … Miley’s performance is intense and wild. She’s got a thrilling command of her stage and the room. … To see her eyes close up, to see her lithe body and huge voice making this collection of people respond in tandem, that’s the important thing to translate from stage to the small screen.”

We can’t wait! Smilers, will you tune in to Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz TV special?

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