Miley Cyrus’ Caitlyn Jenner Artwork Sells for $69,000

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Miley Cyrus was honored during amfAR’s Inspiration Gala earlier this week for the work she’s done to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that faces the homeless LGBTQ community through her Happy Hippie foundation.

She took things a step further at the gala, auctioning off three pieces of her own artwork for $69,000, the proceeds of which will go to charity. Miley hand-bedazzled three issues of Vanity Fair featuring Caitlyn Jenner’s cover. You can check out the artwork above.

While auctioning off the items, Miley tried to get a higher bid, saying (via Billboard), “My left boob is awkwardly bigger than my right one, and I’ll show you the left one if we can get it to … we’re at 65 — what about 69? 69 [thousand]. I’ll clean your house. Naked.” This, apparently, worked.

During her acceptance speech, Miley expressed her initial disbelief in being named a recipient of the Inspiration Award, but said that she was ultimately looking to the future of what the Happy Hippie Foundation will be able to do for homeless and LGBTQ youth.

She said, “I didn’t believe them when they told me that I got it because it seems just way to easy and it seems as if there is no way that I have done nearly enough to be standing here on the receiving end of this honor. But, I am thinking as not celebrating what me and Happy Hippie have already done, but celebrating what we are going to do, what we plan on doing in the future. And tonight is not a finish line for us, but it is a starting point and I want to work every day to do something good for somebody else so that I feel not only as if this honor [hasn’t] been wasted, but my life and all of the influence that comes with it.”

If you haven’t seen her full speech, you can check it out in its entirety here.

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