Miley Cyrus Poses Naked for V Magazine [PHOTO]

by | PopCrush

This might be the most skin Miley Cyrus has ever flaunted! The singer posed naked for V magazine’s upcoming rebel issue.

In the black-and-white photo, taken by famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Miley is sprawled on what appears to be a pile of stuffed animals. Although the shoot’s location wasn’t revealed, she appears to be outside because there’s grass in the photo as well. (We hope you put on sunblock, Miley.)

Of course, the photo is censored to remain Instagram-friendly. Smiley faces are strategically placed over her breasts in what could be a potentially awkward reference to her childhood nickname.

According to V’s website, the cover story includes insight from Miley on “her motivations for being one of the most bewitching acts on the planet.” Seeing as Lagerfeld is known for pushing the boundaries in fashion, we can only imagine this is an interesting conversation.

Miley looks lovely in V’s photo, but this isn’t the first time the singer has showed some skin. She’s posted numerous topless selfies and previously posed nude for W magazine.

You can see the full issue of V magazine when it hits newsstands on Sept. 10.

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