Miley Cyrus vs. Cara Delevingne: Whose ‘Breathe’ Tattoo Is Better? – Readers Poll

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Both Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne have permanently inked their bodies with mottos containing the word “breathe” in them. While the calming sentiment definitely makes sense for the life of a fast-paced celebrity, only one famous lady can come out on top in our poll. Who rocks the “breathe” tattoo best?

Miley Cyrus has the expression “Just Breathe” tattooed just under her the curve of her bra,  and we have to say that we’ve loved it ever since she first got it inked in 2009. The simple, script font looks elegant, and the placement of the tattoo is slightly edgy, but definitely not raunchy. And Miley reportedly got the tattoo in memory of her friend who passed away from cystic fibrosis, so we know the tattoo has an important meaning.

Cara Delevingne opted for a white tattoo when she got the expression “breathe deep” tattooed on her forearm by famed tattoo artist Bang Bang. Though Cara’s tattoo is bigger and in a more obvious place than Miley’s, it is still in the classy category, particularly because of it’s subtle, white font — which may only be truly visible if Cara is rocking a deeper tan.

Which celeb rocks the “breathe” tattoo best? Cast your vote for Miley or Cara in the poll below!

See Miley Cyrus’ “Just Breathe” Tattoo

See Cara Delevingne’s “Breathe Deep” Tattoo

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