Neil Patrick Harris Opens the 2015 Oscars with ‘Moving Pictures’ Number [VIDEO]

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When we first found out that Neil Patrick Harris would be hosting the 2015 Oscars, we were super excited. As anyone who’s seen anything he’s ever hosted knows, he’s nothing if not totally entertaining. And there, inside the Dolby theater, amidst a backdrop of what looked like 10 million replicas of the Oscar statue, was Neil, smartly opening his monologue by referencing the whitewashing of this year’s Oscars (refer to the #OscarsSoWhite scandal if you aren’t up-to-date), calling the Oscars a night to honor the “best and whitest, sorry, brightest.” Uncomfortable laughter tittered throughout the room, but it was soon cut short when the musical number began.

Let’s be real, there’s nothing like a musical opening for the Oscars. (Side note: If you’ve never seen Hugh Jackman’s opening from the 2009 Oscars, educate yourself immediately.) When it’s good, it’s fun and clever, and since that’s exactly the kind of thing Neil excels at, we’re thrilled to announce that he totally delivered. His entire opening sequence was about honoring movies throughout the years, and the kind of magic they can have on their viewers. Neil had an insanely cool backdrop that showcased all kinds of movies — from Transformers to Citizen Kane to E.T., Jaws, Ghost and, well, way too many to name, really. He was soon joined onstage by Anna Kendrick as her Into the Woods character, Cinderella, and together, they killed it.

But then Jack Black made everything awkward by highlighting the criticisms often heard about the movie industry — there’s an excessive amount of superhero movies, and not enough original content. But then Neil makes the point that when a movie is really good, it can change your entire perspective on things, and that’s a pretty powerful thing. It was a fitting tribute to movies, which makes sense when you consider the platform.

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