‘Now and Then’ TV Series Is in the Works, I. Marlene King Reveals

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Before she was the mastermind behind the ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ TV series, I. Marlene King was known for her uncanny depiction of four other teen girls: the ladies of ‘Now and Then.’ King, who wrote the screenplay for the 1995 film, revealed yesterday that the beloved movie may be getting an ABC Family TV series.

It all started during King’s Reddit AMA yesterday, June 12, when she responded to a Redditor asking about the possibility of a ‘Now and Then 2.’

“We’re talking about it. We’re talking about Now & Then the TV series. ABC Family has shown a little bit of interest in that, so we’re still talking about that,” she revealed. “People tweet about this to me all the time, they’ll even send me photos of themselves watching the movie on a Sunday afternoon.”

Of course, news of a possible ‘Now and Then’ television series immediately sent fans into a frenzy, desperate to see a continuation of the lives of their favorite foursome of Roberta, Chrissy, Teeny and Sam. The movie centers around the four female besties as they spend the summer of 1970 learning about love, loss, friendships and themselves. The 1995 fan favorite switches between the lives of the girls when they were 12 and as they reunite in the present as adults.

King’s idea of bringing the characters to the small screen is one that she has been brewing in her head for quite some time. She spoke to MTV in 2012 about the premise of the show, saying:

“It’s definitely the same characters, but it won’t be the same time period. It will be like if the adults were 40 now and the girls were teenagers,” she explained at the time. “We’ll probably pick it up when the girls are 16, but it will be in the 1980s as opposed to the ’70s because that’s sort of the ‘then’ of our current ‘now.'”

If that’s the case, it looks like Teeny will have to get some extra pudding to stuff into those cone-shaped, Madonna-like bras.

PopCrushers, how would you feel about a ‘Now and Then’ TV series?

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