One Direction Starstruck: Niall Horan ‘Nearly Swallowed His Own Puke’ Meeting Justin Timberlake

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Even One Direction get starstruck! Considering we know just what it’s like to fangirl (it is our job, after all) we’re even more obsessed with the band’s recollections of their most wide-eyed, awe-inducing celebrity encounters.

The guys reminisced about their most unbelievable celeb meet-and-greets in their new autobiography, ‘Who We Are,’ and as it turns out, they freak out just as much as we do. Seriously, just see what Niall Horan had to say about meeting Justin Timberlake. (Quotes via E! News.)

“Justin Timberlake came over to say hello and I was absolutely bricking it by then, nearly swallowing my own puke,” Niall recalled, providing us with a hilarious-but-slightly-TMI description of the meeting. Fortunately, he was a little more composed when he met the Obamas, calling the First Lady “unbelievable.”

“Her daughters were lovely too … They’re the most humble people ever and were made to be the President’s daughters,” he added. “I’m a huge Obama fan — I even have a statue of him in my back garden!”

Niall, easily the biggest fangirl of them all, was also super psyched to meet Rihanna.

“We were at the VMAs and Rihanna was sitting in front of us,” he explained. ‘‘Louis!’ I said, ‘Look, there’s Rihanna!’  I was well impressed by that and we ended up chatting her up a bit.”

And speaking of Louis, which celeb made him most starstruck?

“We’d heard [Johnny Depp’s] kids were fans of the band, which was cool. Originally he was going to come down to a show with his family, but he had an injury of some kind and was on crutches, so he said, ‘I can’t make it. So why don’t you come down to my house and meet the kids?'” Louis recalled of the superstar actor. “We were like ‘Er, OK. Let’s all pile round Johnny Depp’s house. Great!’ So we did, and that was a great experience.”

Louis also couldn’t wait to meet David Beckham, who had previously met everyone else in the group — except him.

“The first time [David Beckham] was around the band no one told me and I missed him altogether! I went bonkers and was proper gutted,” Louis recalled. “Fortunately, we later got invited to [a] film premiere… and David Beckham was there again! This time I got to meet him and he was lovely. I thought about trying to play it cool, but it’s so hard around someone like that.”

Liam agrees:

“…He came straight over and said, ‘Hey, how are you doing, Liam?’ and shook my hand! I was like, This is mad! David Beckham just gave me the nod from the other side of the room. That’s sick! I tell all my mates this story,” he gushed.

And Harry revealed that his favorite celeb moment was with A-list director Martin Scorcese.

“[Martin Scorcese] came to meet us backstage at Madison Square Garden and that was just the most surreal moment,” Harry explained.

One Direction — they’re just a bunch of fangirls. And we love it.

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