Go Behind the Scenes of This Hilarious ‘Ouija’ Prank [VIDEOS]

by | PopCrush

“We’re realizing that we’re becoming experts at scaring the s— out of people,” says Michael Krivicka, one of the two Thinkmodo masterminds behind ‘Ouija Psychic Terror,’ the viral prank video that features an eye-popping psychic and a zombie terrifying unknowing participants.

In case you have yet to pee your pants or hysterically laugh at ‘Ouija Psychic Terror’ (which you can rectify by watching the video below), it’s the prank in which a woman pretends to be a psychic and terrifies people who go for a Ouija reading by popping out her eyeballs as a zombie emerges from the floorboards. Pretty spooky! Our sister site ScreenCrush spoke to Thinkmodo — the guys behind the prank — about all of the different elements that went into the freaky film.

“t’s very easy to just scare somebody in a superficial way,” James Percelay, the other half of Thinkmodo, told ScreenCrush. “It’s hard to get a situation where people are internalizing the complexity of a situation, whether it defies physics or gravity or logic, and that’s different than just a simple, you know, prank.”

That’s when they brought in the eye-popping Jalisa, whom they discovered on YouTube.

““I’ve been [popping out my eyes] since I was about 9. I don’t really know how it happens or why it happens,” she revealed about her secret talent. “The ones that come in and laugh are funny, but the ones that come in and scream are funnier. I enjoy scaring people. That’s my secret.”

And she — along with Thinkmodo — clearly did a drop-dead amazing job, considering the amount of shrieks, jumps and flat-out fall-out-of-your-seat moments occur in the prank video.

Go behind-the-scenes of the prank with ScreenCrush in the video above, and check out the full viral prank vid below!

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