Paris Hilton Releases New Music Video ‘Come Alive’

by | PopCrush

Paris Hilton is a vision in pink in the new video for her latest single, ‘Come Alive.’

The 33-year-old’s new vid comes pretty close to representing a little girl’s fantasy world. There’s a rainbow, a unicorn, fields and fields’ worth of flowers and the color pink in virtually every shade imaginable. You’ll be seeing spots of pink even after the video has finished.

Paris — looking like  a modern-day Barbie, with her long blonde hair, glittery pink gowns and flower crowns — stands in the center of this bubblegum world singing her new tune. Though it’s been eight years since she last released an album, it’s still the same Paris we know and admire for her unapologetic attitude.

‘Come Alive’ is a dance beat through and through. The electronic pop sound is reminiscent of her earlier music, like her 2006 single ‘Turn It Up,’ and last year’s ‘Good Time’ feat. Lil Wayne. Paris has found what works for her and she’s sticking with it!

Take a look at Paris’ ‘Come Alive’ up above.

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