Real Michael Bolton Spoofs ‘Office Space’ [VIDEO]

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There’s nothing we love more than a celebrity totally willing to poke fun at himself. Self-deprecation has never been more aptly exemplified than in Funny or Die‘s latest spoof of the movie Office Space. They managed to get the real Michael Bolton to recreate a few scenes from the cult-classic, and it’s kind of the greatest thing ever.

If you’ve never seen the movie Office Space, allow us to fill you in real quick (and then clear your schedule and watch it immediately). There’s a character in the film, originally played by David Herman, whose name is Michael Bolton. A running joke throughout the movie is of people reading his name on paper before they see and realize that the person standing before them is not actually smooth-crooner Michael Bolton, but some guy with the same name. He gets asked the same questions over and over again (“Is that your real name?”), and it makes for some truly entertaining dialogue. The entire premise of the movie is to show the dull life of working a job you hate, with characters that kind of remind you of yourself — at least in spurts.

Funny or Die, meanwhile, got the real Michael Bolton to star in their spoof and it somehow makes the clips even funnier. We love that he has a sense of humor about himself, and doesn’t let the original line, in which he is referred to as a “no talent assclown” bother him — though he does change that line a little. Michael is even CGI-inserted into the original scenes which makes the entire thing even better.

Words cannot do it just, so be sure to check out the video above!

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