Rebel Heart Tour Preview: Pole-Dancing Nuns, Pasodoble and…a Cage?

by | PopCrush

No surprise here: Madonna‘s forthcoming shows are guaranteed to be a little offbeat.

The Rebel Heart tour, which kicks off in September and will travel around the world for six months, will likely test the limits of your sensory organs, if a couple of teasers that recently hit the web are any indication.

In the video above, the “Ghosttown” singer, shares some candid moments from tour rehearsal. And as she’s no stranger to a bit of blasphemy, she wastes no time highlighting a routine that finds a group of dancers who are dressed as nuns getting limber and working a pole like tenants who’ll barely clear rent. Ohh, the @Pontifex tweets that are bound to follow…

Still, sacrilege is only a bit of the fun, and between a bit of pasodoble, a performance that includes screaming through sheer fabric and some masterful break-dancing on a crazy incline, Madge’s dancers have clearly put in the work to produce a compelling show.

And, it appears the dancers will double as warriors, as the second snippet provides a sneak peek of a drum line that seems ready to send Madonna and her trusted soldiers into battle. FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!

All this a little too serious for your taste? No worries—don’t forget that comedian Amy Schumer is scheduled to open the show at select New York City tour dates.

Check out the teasers, tell us what you think and be sure see if Her Madgesty is stopping by your neck of the woods!

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