Listen To Meryl Streep as a Rock Star In ‘Ricki and the Flash’ Preview

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You’ve seen Meryl Streep as an evil witch, cartoonish chef and a tough-as-nails British Prime Minister, but soon, she’ll strip down to the role of vulnerable rock star — and in the video above, you can hear her really, truly sing.

In Ricki and the Flash, which opens next month, Streep will play Ricki, a rock star in her golden years, who returns home to help her daughter cope with sudden divorce. Unfortunately, having been burned by the woman’s desertion, Julie isn’t too receptive, and in a musical sneak peek of the flick, Ricki—armed only with an acoustic guitar—strums through her guilt.

I was a cold one to leave that way / But no one stood in my way,” the character sings in a song called “Cold One,” an original tune written by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice. Her voice is simple and unassuming, and if that’s up your alley, you’re in luck, because there’s plenty more to come, director Jonathan Demme told NME.

“Meryl is such a versatile and charismatic singer/performer, and her movie band The Flash is kind of an amazing supergroup,” he said, adding that Streep will sing nine covers in addition to “Cold One” through the course of the film.

Check out the song, share your honest take on Streep’s voice and be sure to see Ricki and the Flash when it hits theaters on August 7.

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