Robert Pattinson Jokes About Being a Male Stripper + Befriending Hookers, Reveals His Rap Alter Ego [VIDEOS]

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Robert Pattinson has unearthed some pretty strange secrets while promoting his new film ‘The Rover.’ First, he told Jimmy Kimmel that he was homeless and has “extraordinarily heavy saliva,” and now he’s joking about being a male stripper and revealing his 14-year-old rap name. Trust us, R. Pattz fans: you’re in for a treat.

While promoting ‘The Rover’ on ‘Good Morning America,’ the former ‘Twilight’ hunk explained that he wanted a career like his co-star’s, Guy Pearce. When asked what he meant by that, Pattinson joked, “I was talking about his side career as a male stripper.”

And in keeping with the theme, later that night, Pattinson went on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ and talked about … being friends with hookers. Say what?

“I used to be friends with all of the hookers who lived down the street,” Pattinson said of the time he spent at the Magic Castle, a hotel in L.A. “They were my first friends in L.A.”

Pattinson also opened up about his 14-year-old rap alter ego … Big Tub.

“Big Tub was my rapper name,” he revealed, explaining that he wanted to be a rapper when he was 14 — but is still interested in the career today. And as for why he picked the name? “I was very paranoid about my weight,” Pattinson explained.

But still, when you’re 14, you might not have all of the rap-friendly equipment at the ready.

“I remember, I didn’t know how to scratch, and so I used to pull the up and down the zip on my hoodie,” he said. “It sounds exactly like it.”

And as for Pattinson’s full rap group name? “Big Tub and the Tabby Cats,” Pattinson revealed.

“That sounds like some hardcore s—,” Meyers joked. LOL!

Watch Robert Pattinson’s interviews in the videos above and below.

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