Robyn’s La Bagatelle Magique Drops ‘Set Me Free’ Ahead of EP Release

by | PopCrush

Robyn unveiled her latest musical project, a collaborative effort called La Bagatelle Magique, just a few weeks ago, with the release of their debut song “Love Is Free.” And now, just ahead of the group’s upcoming debut EP (also titled Love Is Free), they dropped another track called “Set Me Free.”

The song has been a live staple in Robyn’s show for a little while now, so a studio version was long overdue. Much like “Love Is Free,” “Set Me Free” is another club-ready dance track, though this time things lean a little more on the pop side, with a throbbing drum beat and a heavier focus on Robyn’s melodic vocals.

Robyn described how La Bagatelle Magique initially came about, a collaboration between herself, Markus Jagerstedt and the late producer Christian Falk. Falk sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer before the group finished recording.

Robyn said (via DIY), “It’s a band. We started working on this record three years ago. Sadly Christian passed away a year ago, and me and Markus finished this record together. [Christian] was still there, like a ghost in the machine.”

The 5-song EP will also include previously released track “Love Is Free” as well as the songs “Lose Control”, “Got to Work It Out” and a cover of the Loose Joints’ “Tell You Today.”

The band is set to make its live debut at Stockholm’s Dans Dakar festival, taking place on August 21 and 22nd. Love Is Free is set to drop on August 7, but until then you can listen to “Set Me Free” above.

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