Ryan Adams Is Covering Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ In Its Entirety

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Think you’ve had enough of Taylor Swift‘s endlessly promoted 1989? Well, too bad, because Ryan Adams is about to cover the whole thing for your listening pleasure.

Adams tweeted about his plans to cover the album in its entirety early this morning (Aug. 6), eventually posting some photos of song lyrics from album openers “Welcome to New York,” “Style” and “Blank Space.” Then Swift found out that Ryan was taking on this enormous task, and she reacted exactly the way you expect Taylor Swift would, informing her followers that if true, she “WILL PASS OUT.”

Someone better pick Swift up off her penthouse apartment floor, because Adams offered definitive proof of his latest creative undertaking, posting a small snippet of his reworking of 1989‘s “Welcome to New York” on Twitter.

If you’ve never heard Swift’s original version, Adams’ is a far better introduction to the track. “Welcome to New York” mars an otherwise fantastic album, somehow managing to incorporate every tired cliche about a typical outsider’s perspective of New York into three minutes of ’80s synth disaster. “New Romantics” is the New York City-themed song that 1989 deserves, but, sadly, it was relegated to bonus track material.

Everything’s all right though, because Adams manages to turn the track into exactly what it was always meant to be: An ode to New York that sounds like it was written by someone who’s actually been there for awhile. Adams tweeted, “Guaranteed saddest version of ‘Welcome to New York’ ever — or your tears back,” but the 28-second clip sounds mostly triumphant in spirit, if not a bit wistful — a huge improvement on the tinny, incessant cheer of Swift’s original.

It is decidedly Springsteen in sound, with grungy guitars and throaty vocals. Adams switched up the vocal melody, too, eliminating the mechanical quality of Swift’s version. If her plan was really to make an album full of songs that could’ve been played at the end of a John Hughes movie, this is the one that would’ve made it onto the soundtrack.

There’s no word yet as to when Adams will unveil his 1989 covers in full, but you can listen to the clip of “Welcome to New York” above while you wait. [Editor’s note: You can also watch the video for “New York, New York,” which was shot in New York four days before 9/11, below].


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