Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Sam Bruno’s ‘Search Party’ Video Shoot

by | PopCrush

You can send neighborhood groups, tracking dogs or choppers after the prodigal Sam Bruno, but if she has any say in the matter, she’ll remain AWOL.

In the pop act’s new video for “Search Party,” which appears on the Paper Towns soundtrack, Bruno skips town in a stranger’s car. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery, stealing cars, swiping snack food from gas station convenience stores and enjoying the quiet of motel rooms in the process. And in a behind-the-scenes look into filming above, Director Andrew Donoho says the runaway mood is precisely what he aimed to capture.

“[It’s] a narrative about a girl on the run, who’s kind of hitchhiking and moving through the countryside, just seeing the world,” he explains during the Lancaster, California shoot. “[It’s] a somewhat parallel trip to what you see in the film Paper Towns.”

The movie, which stars Cara Delevingne, centers on the search for Delevingne’s Margo, who’s fled her suburban Florida home. The fact that the sentiment spelled out in Bruno’s “Search Party” so perfectly mirrors the movie (“They gonna be out lookin’ for us all night / They got a search party with their big flashlights,” one lyric notes) is purely coincidental, the musician says.

“That is simply the universe aligning stars, because it wasn’t planned,” she says above.

Watch Sam and her crew film “Search Party,” then take a look at the finished result below and tell us what you think!

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