Sam Smith Wins Best Silent Acceptance Speech at 2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Sam Smith
Ian Gavan, Getty Images

Sam Smith won the award for Top Male Artist at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards — which is a pretty big deal, so it didn’t surprise us to learn that he had a speech prepared. Since he’s currently on vocal rest in New York City, Sam had viewers read his acceptance speech via a bunch of cue cards he probably had some intern write out ahead of time.

In the speech, Sam thanked his fans for allowing his dreams to come true — pretty par for the course as far as acceptance speeches go, so that was nice and expected. He then successfully managed to namedrop Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran, which the celebrity-filled audience very much enjoyed. The camera panned over to Taylor for her exasperated expression, and also to Ed to see how he, too, felt about Sam Smith. Nicki was nowhere to be found, so we sadly didn’t see her reaction.

Congratulations to you, Sam, and may your voice be fully functional again soon so we never have to read while watching an awards show again.

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