‘South Park’ Parody: Show Depicts Bill Cosby Trying to Drug Taylor Swift [NSFW VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

While ‘South Park’ is known for pushing the envelope, they may have taken things a little too far with their recent ‘#HolidayHolograms’ episode — particularly in a scene which depicts animated versions of Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ as the actor attempts to slip her a drink and seduce her.

The disturbing duet occurred during the show-within-a-show’s ‘Washington Redskins’ Go F— Yourself Holiday Special,’ and it featured the cartoon Cosby wearing one of his colorful ‘Cosby Show’-era sweaters as he persuaded Swift to stay inside with him and drink the glass of wine he was offering her.

“Say, what’s in this drink?” Swift sings as Cosby croons:  “That’s just some J-E-L-L-O.”

While the skit gets interrupted by some static and YouTube sensation PewDiePie, viewers can still see the interaction between the cartoon versions of Cosby and Swift, which ends with the ‘Blank Space’ singer drinking the wine as Cosby embraces her and strokes her cheek while her eyes close.

Of course, the scene depicts the many sexual assault allegations against the comedian, in which countless women have stepped forward to claim that Cosby either sexually assaulted, raped — or attempted to rape — them by first giving them pills or drugged drinks.

What do you think of the Bill Cosby/Taylor Swift ‘South Park’ parody? You can watch it in the NSFW video above.

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