Taylor Swift Teases More ‘1989’ Lyrics, This Time From Lena Dunham’s Future Wedding Song

by | PopCrush

It’s a good thing Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ drops in less than 10 days, because we’re seriously dying to hear the new tracks.

Today’s (Oct. 17) release of lyric snippets of a bonus track (posted above — check ’em out!) are a little less cryptic than the last, but that doesn’t mean we want to hear the full song any less. Written on a ripped piece of stationary that’s been placed over what appears to be a canvas painting of a bouquet of flowers, the lyrics are as follows: “One night, he wakes / Strange look on his face / Pauses, then says / ‘You’re my best friend’ / And you knew what it was / He was in love.”

Ugh. Those super sweet lyrics totally made us reach for some Kleenex. Taylor even retweeted a reply from gal pal Lena Dunham, who responded to her Instagram post on Twitter, saying “my someday wedding song, as you know.” Well, we sure wish we knew, Lena.

All right, so, this one’s definitely a love song. And if Lena says it’s good enough to be used as her wedding song someday, it’s gotta be good. Though, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. It’s not like we expected anything less.

Taylor, would it kill you to release just one more song? Maybe two more? How about just the first half of the album? No? OK. We’ll wait.

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