Taylor Swift Performs Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ With a Leukemia Patient [VIDEO]

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We’re still overwhelmed by the cuteness of Taylor Swift‘s visit with a young boy battling cancer at a Boston hospital, but it turns out she made another stop on her trip!

According to Just Jared, Taylor met a young leukemia patient and she saw he had a keyboard in his room. When she asked what songs he’d been practicing, he told her he was learning Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You.’

The patient played the keyboard as Taylor softly sang the Adele hit, as seen in the video above. When the duo finished, the boy complimented Taylor’s voice, and she returned the kind words in regards to his piano playing.

“You killed that!” Taylor exclaimed. “I love that you wrote it out. That’s really amazing. You have a great understanding of it. That’s cool.”

We love that not only is Taylor taking the time to hang out with some of her fans, she’s also giving them the very unique opportunity of getting a personal performance from her. Throw in an Adele song, and we’re willing to bet this is an experience the patient and his family will never forget!

Watch Taylor sing ‘Someone Like You’ in the video above.

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