Taylor Swift Really Does Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Taylor dancing before hitting the stage. Benefits of sitting to the side of the stage. #TaylorSwift #1989worldtour

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You know that tragically overused phrase, “Dance like nobody’s watching”? Taylor Swift probably has an entire couch full of pillows with those words stitched on them, because it seems to have become something of a personal mantra for her at this point. Someone even created an entire Tumblr dedicated to her unabashedly terrible dancing.

Some people may wonder whether her uncool shtick is a little contrived — we see her dance mostly during awards shows where there are cameras in abundance, ready to capture every GIF-able hair toss, and the world can be cynical when it comes to celebrities. But a recent video taken by a fan right before the “Blank Space” singer took the stage at a show on her 1989 tour shows that Taylor really does dance like that all the time. The ’80s song “She Drives Me Crazy” by the Fine Young Cannibals plays in the background as Taylor tosses her lithe frame about in time with the music, throwing her head back and even dropping it low — well, low for her — at one point. We’re so glad smartphones exist in this modern era, because a concertgoer with a mostly terrible side-stage view took it as a blessing in disguise and recorded said footage of Taylor in her natural habitat.

Taylor has a pretty firm grasp on the fact that she’s not a great dancer — she spoofed her awkward, baby-deer-like lack of grace in her “Shake It Off” video, after all — because she’s nothing if not self-aware at this point in her career. It’s okay though, because Dave Grohl is a Taylor Swift stan, which is about as cool as you can possibly get, so keep on keepin’ on, Taylor.

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