Taylor Swift Defines ‘Catitude,’ ‘Thexy’ and Other Internet Slang Terms [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

This week, Taylor Swift is ruling the Internet with the release of her ‘1989’ album, so it only makes sense that she define some of the biggest terms on the web.

The ‘Welcome to New York’ singer sat down with MTV to decode Internet slang and, of course, it was hilarious! (And who better to explain these things than the woman who made “taylurking” a trending topic on Twitter?)

“‘Hashtag catitude’ means that there is a cat who’s exhibiting lots of sass and/or attitude,” Taylor said, confidently adding, “Catitude. Not to be confused with ‘baditude,’ which means you have a bad attitude.”

So what other hashtags did Taylor define? Oh, just #thexy,” #whereismychill, #lurkin, #ripME” and #mercuryisinretrograde.” (When everything goes wrong, says Taylor, “You can’t blame yourself, you just have to blame Mercury because it’s just hella in retrograde.”)

And there you have it: The Internet according to Taylor Swift. Watch the lolz-worthy video above!

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