Taylor Swift to Launch Unintentionally Subversive Clothing Line in China

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Taylor Swift
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Taylor Swift is expected to launch her own clothing line in China next month in an attempt to fight the growing production of unauthorized TSwift merchandise, but she may be inadvertently making a political statement with some of her pieces.

According to The GuardianTaylor’s line is all 1989-themed, referencing her massively successful recent album. And while this may seem perfectly innocuous to most, there’s history behind the year, 1989, especially when paired with Taylor’s initials, TS. Although certainly not a deliberate reference on Taylor’s part, the combination does recall the Tiananmen Square massacre that took place in 1989 in Beijing. Students led demonstrations and protests against the one-party communist rule in China — which ultimately culminated in the deaths of hundreds of unarmed civilians on June 4, 1989, when the government tried to put an end to the protests by enforcing martial law.

The site goes on to say that Chinese censors are so sensitive to the date, June 4, 1989, that they’ve blacklisted the use of any consecutive combination of those numbers (six, four and 89) on all social media.

Again, we doubt Taylor is attempting to be subversive here, or even that she has any awareness as to why her merchandise could be interpreted as politically charged. Whether she’ll make any direct response remains to be seen and would be typically out-of-character for Taylor, but then again, we never thought she’d get into it on Twitter either.

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